There is a few gaps in my life ,mainly because of this ability that I can't even give a name, or control. I do however have a few theories of the missing bits in my life , for example: When I was born I'm sure my actual parents feared me because any simple emotion I felt I'm sure someone or something would break. They couldn't take it anymore and left me at a highway intersection , in a small town named Bray , from there a cop named Stacey Jones picked me up, and later adopted me. A couple years later without my ability interfering with my life, I go to school ,and instantly I'm getting picked about my height. They steal my bag , and punch me down to the ground. In fear and anger I stand up and they slam onto the ground, the air escapes there lungs.

When they stop trying to breath and the looks in there eyes dull, I begin to cry ,knowing they are dead. After that I remember a lot of meeting , and scared looks from my Stacey. At the time I didn't know anything and didn't even know that it was me who killed them. A year later Stacey , and her newly wed husband John take me to a bunker, where I meet doctors who scare me with there mask, there curious looks in there eyes. At this time I had realized I killed those kids and I can crush things without even lifting a finger.

The doctors put me on a table and jab a syringe in my arm. I become scared again, and my abilities take over the building seems to increase in weight and the supports begin to buckle. Everything seems to pancake into the ground. In the doorway I see them , my adoptive parent. They are dieing, slowly with a pain and fearful look in there eyes. I get angry they brought me here! They begin to compact into cubes ,that become the size of dice. The building fully collapses onto me but before it hits me ,it to flys out skywards. From that point on at the approximate age of 6 , I decided to never to let anyone close to me. Rescuers take me away from the facility and from there a man named Tim takes interest in my well being, and tries to play a part in my life, but I don't let him close. After years of isolating myself from everyone in fear of killing them , or having them betray me, Tim sends me to a boarding school.

I walk through the front doors of the school and instantly a friendly face try's to talk to me.

" Hey ,my Name is Crystal, and welcome. Can I show you around?"

" No." I push past her. However the normal average person doesn't get it.

" I know school can be a bummer, but here everything is better. There is no need to...." I turn around with a menacing look, she looks scared.

" I don't care, I don't like you ,or anyone else, now piss off." The girls looks at me scared and angrily, she turns around and mutters something about rudeness. I look down at the instructions given to me to find my room , and other useless boring stuff.

The End

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