English. Not the most exciting of lessons when you are analysing the same poem for the forth time. I leaned against the wall, sat at the back of a fairly large room, right in the corner. It was the middle of the day and the warm sun looked inviting. I scanned the room, since it was the start of the year, I didn't recognise a couple of the faces.

I noticed a tall guy, sitting with his head lowered as though he would like to disappear. He had brown hair, and from what I could see green eyes.

Someone new I guess. Looks like he could do with a friend.

"Faye!" the teacher snapped at me. I turned quickly to the front as the entire class turned to look at me, keeping my face unreadable.

"Yes sir?" I replied innocently.

"Kindly keep your attention on the work. And save admiring fellow classmates for later."

"Yessir. Sorry sir." I replied, lowering my gaze as most of the class began whispering and giggling. I felt my cheeks get hot and I grit my teeth.

The teacher returned to the lesson. The new guy, Steven, (being psychic has advantages) continued to look at me curiously for a moment before turning back to the front. When the bell went for lunch I stuffed my things into my shoulder bag and attempted to hurry out. However a group of girls decided that it wouldn#t be so easy.

"Wheres the hurry Faye?" they giggled "Don't you want to wait for the new kid? I'm sure he's dying to meet you. Gone off him already? From the look on your face in English, you couldn't wait to get your claws into him."

The whole group giggled at that.

"Excuse me," I muttered, trying to get by.

"Didnt you hear me?" the same girl spoke again, shoving me back into the wall. Other students hurried by. "I was talking to you."

I didn't reply, instead flicking out my powers. My arms had been pinned by my side, but the girl stumbled back a little, as though I had pushed her. Her eyes widened.

"Now, Karen. Please would you move? I have to go." I spoke in a low, calm voice. "Or do you want Ellie to know about you and her boyfriend last night?" I glanced at another girl, who turned to the first, furious. The ringleader, Karen, glared at me, stunned.


I swiftly moved away as the second girl, Ellie, began to shout. Other girls in the group joined in. Quickly I joined the crowed headed for the cafeteria.

"Hey." A deep, unfamiliar voice said to me.

Turning round, I was faced with Steven himself.

The End

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