Callum: New, Not to School But to EarthMature

 I have no idea how I happened to be. I don't know what brought me to a large, green forest in California. No memories, no nothing. I didn't know anything but that I wanted to learn. My mind was a blank canvas, ready for a masterpiece of knowledge. Unfortunately, I didn't know that.

 After a while, I started to teach myself how to walk through the forest, how to put one bare foot in front of the other. I looked down at the floor, at the dry mud and dead leaves. Everything was so new and clear. It wasn't like I was looking at the leaves, but I was analysing them, taking in what they looked like, how they felt, what they smelt like.

 For some reason, I could smell not only the scent of the leaves, the trees and the ground, but I could also smell something behind me. It was wet. I whirled around just in time to snatch the Snake out of the air before its huge fangs punctured my hard skin. I frowned at it, tilting my head, analysing it too. I dropped the snake to the ground, and ran away. The trees weren't streaking past me in lines; I could see every detail in them perfectly.


 After a while, I escaped the forest, walking around a city. There were a few gasps, and that's what made me realise that clothing was compulsory. I frowned when they looked at me though. I didn't know better.

 A short time later, Police took me to a station and questioned me. Of course, I didn't know how to talk, and I wasn't listening to them. I was looking around the room, analysing it. After a while, they put me in a psychiatric ward, and kept me there for a while. I slowly learnt how to eat and drink without spilling it all down myself. That would've been embarrassing had I known what embarrassment felt like, and how to feel it.

 After a few weeks, a woman called Kate came in to talk to me. She was a psychiatrist, and she wanted to find out if I wasn't talking because I was scared or because I was in shock. She looked kind. She had short blonde hair and she looked about forty-five. When I analysed her, I found that her skin was exactly forty-six years old.

 She was talking to a doctor when she mentioned the name 'Callum', and I looked up as if it was my name. She laughed, and said 'Callum' a few times before going into another room to talk to the doctor in private. Of course, my ears made privacy impossible. I heard all of the conversation.

 "I think I should take him in. I'd like to be the one to  teach him the ins and outs of normal life. He's obviously in shock, and I know exactly what to do with him. I have a few things at home to help him." Kate was saying. The doctors breaths made him seem unsure.

 "Well, it'll involve a lot of paper work, and we'd have to come round every so often to check up."

 "Of course. I have your number, so I'll ring you frequently with news of his teaching."

 They went on to talk about adoption and what to do, what was going to happen, and she went on to sign the paper work. I could hear the pen scratching along the paper.


 She took me to her home, where she lived with a fifteen year old girl called Denni, and fifteen year old boy called Jack, and her forty seven year old husband, Philip. They were all a bit unsure about me at first, but they took to me easily.

 Kate was so kind when she taught me how to talk, and it turned out that learning was easy for me. Within a week, I was more articulate than anyone in the household. I was very smart, apparently.

 When I was ready, they sent me to a Boarding School. But was I really ready?

The End

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