Standing in front of them, the gates look pretty daunting. This is something I'm definitely not used to. A shiver falls down my spine as my eyes stare dead ahead. No use waiting forever, Steven - better go inside, my mind tells me. I know it's true, but part of me... part of me just doesn't want to. But there's no use waiting. The arch is solid stone, its perfectly sculped form solid against the wind. Another shiver falls down my spine. So many places had not wanted me, so many people had left me. Perhaps this place will accept me. Part of me doubts it, but part of me still retains some shred of hope. Some inkling that everything will be ok. It's almost silent, but it's too loud here. I put my bag down, and pause everything, for as long as I can. For those ten seconds, everything is silent, everything muted. I bathe in the sudden silence for as long as I can. But inevitably, the noise comes back. Slight, almost silence, but still not the real thing. The real silence. Silence only I can know. It's time to go in.

One step forward. And another. I walk through the gates, and my steps are set.

The End

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