I was born 17 years ago. From the moment I was born, everyone knew I was different. My mother and father left me when I was only two. It was because of my special talents. I had abilities. Supernatural abilities.

I was adopted when I was thirteen. And let me tell you. Being in an orphanage for eleven years is not fun. Especially when all of your friends will be gone every month. I was never picked, until one day a man came and said he wanted to see the kids. When he saw me, he immediately picked me.

I was taken to his house, and he told me that he knew about my abilities. I was sure I was going to be sent to some lab where I would be experimented on for years. I wasn't. The man just sent me to school, and told me to hide my powers. He told me there was no one like me, and that no one would understand. He was wrong.

I can vanish and then reappear hundreds of miles away in seconds. I can teleport.

The End

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