I'd always been average, well apart from my name. My parents had been going through a hippie stage when they had me, so unlike my siblings who got the normal names, complete with a middle name, I was simply Soar. I guess my parents expected great things of me. But for the most part I was average. My height and weight were both average, and my hair was that common brown that so many people had. Even my eyes were average - not quite blue or green, more of a grey. 

Being average worked for me. Teachers didn't notice me overly much, but I had friends. They might not have been the glossy, skinny and beautiful girls that were popular in the school, but they suited average old me. 

However over time things began to change. I guess the standout point which categorizes it all was the day my mum and I were arguing over my average grades. It was one area where they were right to expect more for me, but for some reason I always insisted on not fulfilling my potential. 

Mum had wanted to know if there was some problem, some reason why I didn't want to have good grades. I told her to forget it, and forget it she did. The whole fight was wiped from her mind, to such an extent that when she looked down at my report card a few minutes later there was a momentary confused expression on her face, before we started the argument again right from the start.

I soon realized that it was I who had caused her to forget the fight. It seemed I had a small ability over memory, something I realized a few days later when something similar happened again, this time with a friend of mine, when I caused her to forget some snide comment I had snapped at her.

However it wasn't just forgetting in which this weird ability worked. It seemed my ability to alter memory was endless. I was soon using it to my advantage, causing my parents to 'remember' letting me off chores, or promising to give me money. It was something I was completely fine with, even if I was abusing it.

Until the day I learnt that it wasn't just long term memory that was affected. The day an idle daydream I was having was suddenly played out before the whole class in their short term memories. Of course it had to be my daydreaming about a certain boy in the class, a boy who didn't know I existed until that day.

While there was no proof I caused the event which either scared or amused my entire class, people soon clicked since I was the leading lady. My parents were called into the school, my teachers were very concerned, there was talk of tests being run. 

I had had little choice in the end. There was no way I could erase such a traumatic and memorable event from an entire class of people. But I could remove the supernatural element from my parents mind and from that of the teachers. And I could implant within them a sudden desire to send me to boarding school, for my own good, so that I could pay more attention to my studies.

And so here I was, average, and yet not so average, with a bizarre and unexplainable ability over memory. I had never asked for this, had never wanted this, but here I was, away from my friends and family in a new environment. I just hoped I could get the short term memory altering under control before a similar scene occurred. 


The End

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