I felt so small and exposed as I got onto the subway. People around here were unfamiliar, and I really didn't have a clue if I was even going in the right direction. But I knew that we couldn't handle these dreaded demons by ourselves. We were just kids, we didn't know how to use our powers no our best ability, and there was no one to teach us.

I wasn't sure what I was trying to accomplish by leaving the school, but I needed help from the one person I knew I could trust. My gramma.

I stepped off the train and pulled my light jacket closer around myself. It wasn't that cold out, and I wasn't sick, so I knew something must be happening back with the others. Sure, I didn't know much about them, and I'd hadn't known them long, but there was this bond between us that seemed to hold us together. Its reason was indefinite, but it was deffinetly there.

Gramma lived in one of those fancy artist condos. It was very classy, very open, and very pricey. Only the best of the best live in those sorts of condos, and apparently they throw some of the greatest parties. But I wasn't in the city to party.

182. The brass numbers stood out like a sore thumb as I knocked vigorously on the door. I could hear the echoes of my knocks in the stairwell on the inside of the door. I tried the buzzer, calling frantically for my grandmother, but there was no response. It was just my luck to come all the way out there, and she wasn't even home.

I turned, blood boiling at the anger of how stupid I felt, and I heard the buzzer again, and the door open. Its rusting hinges squealed a little, but I was already halfway up the stairs to notice. I reached her door and knocked again.

My heart sunk when I was left standing out in the corridor alone, with no response from inside the apartment. That's when I noticed it.

Stuck into the drywall beside my gramma's door was one of her ancient hair pins. It was holding up a note which was scrawled with her loopy handwriting.


The answers in which you seek, I haft not.

In-between the swathe of a perfect wonder, find you the key.

Afraid you must not be, wish you to conquer this foe

Feelings unresolved be feelings long lived


"The hell?" I shook my head and folded the note up. It didn't make much sense to me, but obviously my gramma knew things were going wrong. And if she wasn't there to help, it was because she couldn't be there to help.

I jumped back onto the subway, heading back towards the school. I had an empty feeling inside me, like something was still floating in the air somewhere; something crucial to solving this screwed up scenario. Maybe it was because I had been set on seeing my gramma for help. Or maybe it was something else.

I cut through the back lawn of the school. It was getting light out and I didn't want to risk being seen by anyone. Margo was on my heels as soon as I got into the building and told me that everyone had herded to the library after some big fiasco, so I headed that way. Everyone looked up when I slid through the door.

The End

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