Lace: NoiseMature

I hear noises in the hall and dart out of bed, and wandering outside where I was quickly surrounded by strange red lights. 'Demon?' I ask myself. A strange light misses me by near inches slightly singeing my skin.

"Definitely not the fear  one at least." I crouch defensively, waiting for my power to activate itself, at this rate I was going to wish I knew  how to activate it myself.  Another bright light flashes by me hitting me in the chest.

"Ahhh!" I scream in pain hitting the floor agitating my dislocated arm.  I get up despite the pain clenching my teeth, focusing on the oncoming adrenaline rush, and the return of my power, the lights begin to get messed up as a sensation of heaviness begins to weigh down on the building. I direct the force at the ground the lights hitting it and losing the roundness to them.

"Everyone get to the library!" I hear Faye's voice in my head. I follow the orders as more of thos dammed things appeared, I used my powers to the best of my ability, but they weren't dying from my actions, they just seem to got stalled. I run down a set of stairs more things coming to ambush me forcing me over the railing, I close my eyes waiting for my lefts to hit the ground, but the falling sensation stops and I'm hovering in air.

"I can fly?" I ask out loud, forgetting about the strange lights for a second, looking around me amazement until one whizzes by my head. 

"Right lets hope this works." I mutter forcing myself forwards into the corridor at an incredible speed nearly putting myself through a wall. The library came into view a horde of the lights following me, it would be unacceptable of me to let the damn things follow me in so I turn around mustering most of my strength sending them to the other side of the hall, then I fell to the ground on my feet feeling dizzy, I stumble into the library.

The End

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