Soar - more dangerMature

I had been in my room, trying to sleep when lightening lit up the sky. I had quickly donned a nightgown and hurried into the hall, curious. Not too long after a rushing Joseph came down the hall.

"Library now," he gasped out, before hurrying on. Not thinking twice, I followed to the library. It seemed we were under attack again. There was something odd going on at this school, more odd than all us gifted students being here. 

As I hurried along to the library, red eyes suddenly lit up the corridor near me. I froze, staring at them, then groped around mentally. If it had any kind of mind, or any kind of memories then my best chance of survival was to make it forget I was there

suddenly I hit on the feel of memories. Slimy odd memories but memories none the less, memories I could manipulate.

I quickly played with its short term memories so I seemed to vanish into thin air. I could see it pause in its advance in confusion, but then it continued, coming towards this spot to investigate where I had gone.

So longer term memories it was then. Gritting my teeth at the feel of those slimy, abnormal memories, I began to try and erase my presence. I had to be quick. Suddenly, the memories clicked into place and it paused again, looking around in confusion as if wondering what it was doing. It still seemed suspicious.

Suddenly it froze entirely in its tracks. It seemed some other force was at play now. Taking my chance, I ran past it, being careful to keep the illusion that I was not there in place, hurrying my way to the library

The End

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