If Rain's voice hadn't alerted me, then the grounds lighting up as though it was day sure did.

I'd not slept since the incident in the basement, haunted by the memories. Instead I was stretched out on my bed, eyes half-closed, letting the thoughts of the people around me just run through my head, blending to the point they sounded like a babbling river. Suddenly, some voices became sharper-like shouts.
It was Joseph, then Rain.
They were hurt.

I sat bolt upright and burst out of my room in a run. When I got to the front, I found Joseph with Rain flung over one shoulder, looking pale. Beyond them, red eyes glowed in the darkness. I skidded to a stop.

"No, stay away from the door!" Joseph yelled in panic.

"Why? I can see your lightning killing them." The thoughts of these things began to come through.

"Oh, they can die. The problem is they keep coming back. Now run!"

He pushed me back the way I'd come and we ran.

A realisation hit me an instant later.

"I'll catch you up, go to the library, I'll find you there!"  I threw the words over  my shoulder, not waiting for a reply.

I ran back to the hall, where the things were coming through the door.

Closing my eyes I focused in on their thoughts, almost like tuning a radio. They were filled with flames and felt wrong.

Come on Faye, you can do this. James' voice came through from my memories.

"Powers, don't fail me now." I muttered, taking a deep breath.

The things came towards me as I closed my eyes, supressing the fear. Their thoughts were simple- Attack. Destroy. I added one more word to it-Attack. Destroy. Eachother.

I heard their movements slow, but still they seemed to be coming towards me. I shifted to the side then backed up, until my back was against the wall.

Still they came forward, though they seemed slower. I pushed the thought harder, beads of sweat forming under my collar.

"Come on, come on." I chanted under my breath, still pushing. I risked a glance and nearly lost concentration. The things were almost touching me.

STOP! I pushed the mental scream into their minds, flinching away as the nearest one came within reach. After three seconds of total silence I looked back again. They were all frozen.  I let out a shaky breath, sliding down the wall. I forced myself to my feet., using telekenesis to move their frozen bodies out of the school.

That will have to do for now. I thought ruefully. Maybe they won't unfreeze?

I shut the door behind me gratefully, sliding down to the ground again. I sat a moment, catching my breath, head in hands, when I heard my name.

"Faye? Are you alright?"

My head jerked up. "Callum! Er- yeah I'm okay.."

He sat down next to me, putting his arm over my shoulder. "Didn't look like it a second ago.."

I smiled, leaning into his shoulder a little. "I'm fine, just been over-doing it again."

He looked at me oddly a moment.

"Come with me to the library? I'll explain on the way."

The End

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