All sorts of mad things had been happening and I decided to take a walk in the grounds to clear my mind.

I had just passed through the small grove of trees in the garden when suddenly the whole place lit up like the fourth of July. I instinctively ducked and then I felt the sky rip open and saw streaks of lightening come down in different places.

I immediately started running towards the source of power that I could sense up ahead. My eyes began to adjust to the dark again automatically and I saw a figure fall to the ground from the roof of the school.

Before he hit the ground I used my power to soften the impact of the earth.. but it would still hurt. "Oomph" I heard the breath escape from him as he landed and I ran  up to him.

He was unconscious as I bent over him and I was just about to check his pulse when suddenly the earth alerted me to a presence behind me. "Don't take another step." I hissed as I turned around slowly.

There was a shadowy figure behind me with glowing red eyes and it seemed to be glaring at me with distaste. Before I could speak it lunged and I threw my arms forward instinctively, the trees came down and branches stabbed through the shadow creature.

It screeched and then began to disintegrate in front of my eyes. "It's not over Rain Storm." it hissed and I felt other shadow creatures appear around the ground.

I needed to get to the others, somewhere that we stood a chance if they came after us. But I had to bring him with me, I glanced at the boy on the ground and bit my lower lip.

The shadows were moving, slinking closer, I could feel them. I only had one option to save us both but I had only ever done it once before, it took too much energy out of me. I looked at his face and frowned as I tried to remember his name. Joseph I think it was... he moaned softly and turned his head and I shivered. I couldn't let him die, even if it almost killed me. I just could never be that kind of person.

"Come here." I sat on the ground and put both my arms under his, dragging him half into my lap. His eyes flickered open briefly and he looked at me in confusion before they closed again. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes. "Hold on tight, this is not going to be pleasant." I whispered into his ear as I reached into the earth.

Slowly I felt it mould around us as we sank into the ground and the soft pull of different directions as I moved us among particles with my mind, trying hard to hold onto the link or we would suffocate inside the ground.

Then we were outside the front door of the dorms and I felt the shadows confusion as they searched for us where we had been.

"Faye, if you can hear me at all, it's Rain, we need help, I'm outside the dorms, I've used most of my energy. The shadows are here, be ready!" I thought desperately.

Joseph opened his eyes then and shook himself a little. I tried to stand up but collapsed to my knees. "What happened?" he sat on the ground looking a little dazed and confused.

"I moved us, I moved the earth, it hurts." I groaned as my body began to shake. "They're coming back. Get inside, find the others, just run." I gasped as I tried to get to my feet, my energy drained.

"What about you?" he stood up, seeming to be recovered a great deal. He must have somehow absorbed energy from me or the earth as I moved us.

"Leave me, I'll be fine." I coughed and then I collapsed on the ground.

The End

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