I was breaking curfew by being up here. On the roof, but it was worth it. The night was so beautiful, and it was really calming to get back into my element. Then, I noticed a shadow moving about on the grounds.

Curious, I looked harder and tried to focus on the shadowy image. But they walked out through the gates before I could figure it out.


Now I was curious, what was going on? Who was the person that had just left?

Then! There was a noise. I stand up and looked in the direction of the noise but saw only two red dots in the darkness. Considering it was a new moon, there was almost no light. And the two red eyes just stared at me.

"Hey! You! If you scare me, I will not hesitate to defend myself!"

Then I heard a growl from behind me. I turn around and see a second pare of red eyes, farther off in the distance.

"What the heck?"

Then there were more growls. From all around me, the north, south, east, west, all directions. I began walking around in a circle, seeing all of these pairs of red eyes. Then, I decided I had to do something.


An electromagnetic phenomonon controlled by electricity and categorized under thunder suddenly happened. It's bassically like a giant light that goes outwards from itself in two dimensions.

And luckily, it shows me all the figures. They are not human, and to refrain from dying, I had to act.


A bolt strikes from my hand to one of them. And then, the bolt strikes all other figures, each falling to the ground. After about five seconds there are no more pairs of red eyes. So, I go and try to get down from the roof to my room. No sense taking anymore chances.

So, I crawl down the drainage pipe down to my window, but before I could get to my 3rd floor window, I hear a growl behind me. The sound of something swiftly moving, then a pain in my chest. Instantly, my reaction is to press my hands to my chest, and then I fall.

Then, I plummet through the cold, bitter air. To the cold, hard and painful ground.


Then I black out.

The End

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