Lessons in Being AverageMature

A group of apparently normal teenagers trying to keep up appearances in a boarding school. How they deal with bullies, falling in love, schoolwork, exams-and their 'talents'.


I never asked to be special. I wasn't for a very long time and I was happy like that. People liked me well enough and I had some amazing friends. I was getting good grades and I went to a really good school. Lucky me. I had a really good life set out for me and seemed like things were going to be alright.

When I hit 13 though, things chaged real fast. I started hearing voices-a lot of them. I got scared and told no one about it, I mean, they'd lock me up. I thought that I was loosing my mind. Slowly, I began to pick out the voices, untangle the words and I discovered that I was hearing thoughts. Suddenly, I knew all my friends' secrets, I knew about my dad's affair behind my mom's back. I knew my older brother was getting into drugs and I knew all about my teachers' private lives. I tried to keep it to myself. I really did. But I began responding to people's thoughts, instead of their words. My work fell behind as I lost sleep trying to block out the thoughts. My friends drifted away as they thought I was going mad. My parents sent me to boarding school.

Alone and scared, I began. At first it was a nightmare. Now, 4 years older, I can control my powers. I read minds and if I concentrate, I can move things without touching them. Telekenisis I think its called. It happens when I get upset too, so I fell into the quiet, outsider crowd. That way, theres no dramas, no fuss and no one notices if you disappear. I'm a loner by nature, although my striking looks don't help. My hair is glowing auburn, matched to brilliant green eyes. I'm tall and slender thanks to the martial arts I took up to protect myself. After a few weeks, people stayed clear of the stunning, strangely silent girl with the eyes that knew too much.

So thats my life in a nutshell really. For the most part I stayed invisible. Until I noticed some new kids appearing. They had some very interesting thoughts. Suddenly, my safe little word blew apart. There were other 'talented' people out there.

The End

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