Eve ChapmanMature

The new guy was kind of cute, I had to admit that, but he was I could tell he wasn’t suited for me. There was something about him, a kind of faraway look hidden amongst those dark eyes of his, almost like he was a bit of a loner. He wasn’t going to last two seconds with Raziel as his roommate. An amused smile spread across my face as I picked my bags up off the floor and made my way to room 508.

The door jammed and I had to lean all my weight against it before it flung open, me going with it. I ended up sprawled on the floor; suitcases surrounded me staring up into the shocked eyes of my new roommate. Talk about a first impression.

I blushed furiously at my recklessness before standing up at gracefully as I could manage and smiling at the newcomer.

‘Hi, I’m Eve. It’s nice to meet you.’

The stranger flicked a strand of black hair out of her face before scrutinizing me.

‘Listen, Eve. I don’t like being stuck in this room any more than you do, so why don’t you leave me be and I’ll leave you okay?’

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.

‘Jesus, no need to be so hostile, I was only trying to be friendly.’ I turned round to pick up my suitcase and slung it onto my bed.

‘I’m sorry,’ she murmured behind me. ‘I’m not used to…people being friendly.’

‘Well that’s no surprise, considering the way you treat them,’ I scoffed.
She didn’t say any more after that and neither did I. I set to work unpacking my belongings and making this room as homely as I could. After I’d finished, I texted Zoe back.

Perfect. They’ve stuck me with a total bitch. Just my luck, right?


I could tell already this year was going to be hell.

The End

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