Zoe MarksMature

"No, I don't want the third one along on the corridor from it. I want the one right next to it" I snap. I listen for a moment. "Thank you, daddy" I sing sweetly. I snap my phone shut and reach the reception where I get my key.

"Thank you" I say then walk off flicking back my hair. I don't get why I had to change rooms for some two punks. One being Razeiel, uh, the embarassment of it all. I begin to text as I walk along to my room.

Eve, now in room 507. Raziel got my room.
The Horror. I h8 him!
Luv ya Xx

Although, I did get my revenge. He wanted the room to himself. Well, he didn't get it. I giggle as I slide my phone back into my pocket and reach my room. I'm just about to go in when. I stop outside 506. I smile and knock. A unfamiliar face opens the door. "Can I help you?"

I blink for a moment. "Is Raziel there? Tell him its Zoe"

"Zoe!" Raziel appears instantly. "Hey, babe"

"Don't babe me.... you stole my room!" I growl then smile flicking back my hair. "No matter, I got my own back. Its nice to see your roomie actually" I look the room mate up and down. "You are?" I ask.

"Tavin Kale"

"Oh the guy from newyork" I say. My phone beeps and I pull it out reply to the text, which was about the next dance. "You look fine by the way" I then turn walking off. I hear Raziel whistles.

"Um, she's the reason I'm your roomie" Tavin says.

"Hotest babe in the school, dude. Keep up" Raziel says before closing the door to their room. I smile to myself and reach my room walking in. I kick the door closed behind me. Nice to have my own room. Poor Eve she'll be next door with another new person. I sigh and flop down on my bed with a happy sigh. I notice all my stuff is here.

I smile happily and begin to unpack.

The End

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