Quite The Little Writer

Journal Entry #05.

Hello. I hope you're not sick of me already. We're only on #05. Actually, it doesn't really matter if no one's reading this, because it's fun to write just for the sake of it, and not to worry what people are thinking. It'll help me with my typing - not that it really needs it, as my friends will testify.

Yesterday I was at a cottage where my aunt, uncle and cousin were staying. My cousin, Isa, is quite the little writer. She writes these stories - and they're very long, actually, I was surprised - and insists on reading them aloud to me. I don't have a problem with that, but I would prefer to read them for myself. It would be much quicker, and I like reading.

And so does she. Most of what she has read is very different to what I've read, especially as she's so much younger than me, and isn't very keen on fantasy. But there are a couple of books we have in common, so we had a short conversation about them.

She wants me to help her write a story, so I am. I've done a few collaborative stories on here, as you'll all know if you've ever visited my profile. It's a bit different with Isa, though, because I don't see her very often. In fact, she lives in Scotland, which is always tricky. So this is a story mostly written by Isa, with a few paragraphs by me dispersed throughout the pages.

At least it's a little less energetic than before. Just last year - and towards the end of it, too - I was being forced to dress up as a knight and have sword fights with her in the garden, etc. And that was the least of it. Very undignified. Now, though still hyper a lot of the time, she seems to be calming down. But still slightly crazy, and I'm not saying that to be mean. Apparently, she is slightly crazy. But a genius, at least in some aspects.

So, a mad genius.

Ah, well, what's new? Life's full of them.

Signing off to try and find a genius that isn't mad,


The End

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