Of A Mad Person

Journal Entry #3

Hello again. It's only a few hours since I wrote my last entry, but actually quite a lot has happened. You'd be surprised.

It started with Script Frenzy. I've known about it for months but was not planning to take part. Last night - and I'm telling you, it's Day 10, I must be mad - I started. That's right. No plot, nothing. And I've never written a play before. Well, not a proper one. (There was that one I wrote when I was nine ... but we don't talk about that if we can help it.)

So I must be crazy. Because I've embarked on a challenge to write 100 pages of script before the end of April, and I've no idea what mine is about. Ah well, a friend of mine might end up becoming my writing buddy.

But I'm still crazy.

The other thing that I did was oversleep. By three hours. My mum woke me up normal time - about quarter past nine. But I hadn't been able to sleep very well due to a horrendous, short-lived earache. It had gone, but I was exhausted. I said that I might not come to church, and she should give me a minute to decide.

Of course, I fell asleep. And when I woke up at half past twelve, several thoughts crossed my mind:

Next door's rabbit - I was supposed to feed the rabbit this morning! What happened; why am I still in bed? and ... Oh no! I had loads to do this morning!

I got up. It's 12.30. By 12.35 I'm opening next door's side gate to go and feed the poor neglected rabbit (which by the way was fine). By 12.45 I am switching the computer on, and by 12.53 I'm typing away at my script - while being distracted by Protagonize.

Not bad going.

Anyway, here I am again, making up for lost time. I've decided I'm not very keen on going on holiday where I'll have no internet access, because it means I can't post. I haven't posted very much recently. And when I delete LORD - which, if I get it published, I'll have to do unfortunately - it will look like I haven't posted much at all. I'm trying to make up for that ...

I hope you don't mind. Ignore me - I'm crazy.

Anyway, I've nothing else to say, so I'd better go and work on one of my gazillion Protagonize projects that are being a bit neglected over time. Those Poggle Stories haven't had much attention in recent weeks ... perhaps I should return to them...

But my father told me he had remembered the very first story - the one that I had forgotten. Now I remember it too. So the first story must, obviously, come first.

With that in mind, I'm off to write!

So long,


The End

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