Leather Notebook Journal

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

I've never written a journal before. It never occured to me that there might be something about my life which people would want to read. Sure, when I was a kid I used to keep a diary. I used to write in it all my hopes and dreams and fears. It was pathetic, really.

You know, the sort of thing you write when you're ten and you don't know anything. And when I say that I don't know anything, I mean that I knew nothing. In those days, 'sex' was a swear word to me. I didn't know what it was. That's just a sample of how innocent I was.

So you see, that diary wasn't very interesting. It's amusing to read, sometimes. When I'm really really bored and depressed and want to reflect on how much easier my life was then.

But generally, I hide the notebooks in cupboards and don't look at them until my next general clean out. These clean outs usually consist of opening the cupboard, dumping everything on the floor, and then saying "Can I live without this? Yes - right, it's going to be sold on eBay." I only adopted this policy recently. I think  it's a sign of how I'm finally letting go of all the toys and junk I've held on to.

Maybe that means I'm finally growing up...

Anyway, so I've never kept this kind of journal before. But I thought, "Maybe there are people out there that want to know about my life." I don't know. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. But I can witness, I guess, through my thoughts and actions. So how better to witness than by sharing them?

I've called this "Leather Notebook Journal". Going for a little bit of irony there. It's not leather. It's not even a notebook. It's a computer. At the moment, it's the downstairs computer, which is extremely slow. I type faster than it can process and I have to sit there, waiting, while it brings all the letters up on screen. But it can be fun to watch, sometimes. When I'm really bored.

So here's my journal. Even if you don't want to read it, that's fine. It's a way for me to write it down. I live in the perpetual fear that somebody will read it - therefore, I'll write it as I'd write any other story. To the best of my ability. And hopefully, in a few chapters time, that ability will be higher.

That's the plan anyway.

But I'll have to leave this journal now. This chapter's only an intoduction, anyway. You'll have to wait, for something a little more interesting ... when something finally actually happens in my life.

Signing off,


The End

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