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The man's massive, calloused hands cradled the many tiny trinkets that he held dear. A necklace strung with bright stones, some actually very valuable gems. It was an anniversary gift to his wife. The claw of a rather large lobster that his son had caught as a "pet;" it had died the following week. Still, his son had loved it while it lasted, anyway.

A tiny seashell with a bright orange stripe. It had been his daughter's lucky charm before the... well, now it would be his lucky charm on the journey to the volcano. Grasping it tightly but gingerly in his palm, he looked around his hut again, beholding his many little trinkets. He didn't care about them, really. He cared for his family; they were the ones who had held the little trinkets dear. And now he had nothing to lose. No one that he cared about.

Akan stepped out of his humble dwelling, into the light rain and tropical winds that had begun to grow more violent as the storm clouds continued to approach. It would not be an enjoyable journey, that would be sure. But Akan owed it to his family. He had cowered away from his responsibilities one too many times.

The End

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