A look of determination sparked their leader's eyes to life, a look that won him victory in battles against raiding pirates, a look that won the respect and trust of Heeteth, a look that turned him into a leader, a hero. Without hesitation, and with a voice as firm as steel, he quickly instructed the following:

"I will be journeying to the volcano to study what exactly we are in for. I need 5 volunteers to go with me who are prepared for the worst, should it happen. Those of you willing to come, meet me at the southernmost part of the village in half an hour. Say goodbye to your families first; I already have the necessary equipment and provisions. I am leaving Glarnew, our elder, in charge. He will show the rest of you to the shelter, please help however you can in its construction. Everyone should be inside during the storm today, but as soon as it stops thundering get back outside and continue the preparations."

His grave expression and weary but persistent eyes did not show weakness or fear, but simply dread as he made the closing remark. "Good luck to all of you. Whatever happens, just do not lose faith. We must all trust in each other, or we will fall. This storm will not be a merciful one, I fear."

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The End

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