The Meeting

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The quiet whispering and low conversations of the group gathered seemed to mimic the constant rumbling of the earth, which had seemed to be growing exponentially over the past several months. Several of the villagers even claimed to have seen the volcano pouring out small streams of golden lava each night recently, although it was never visible in daylight. All were anxiously waiting for the village leader, Jordan Acuanim, to arrive and explain why he called together this meeting in the town square that day.

The village of Heeteth was a small town, located on a large volcanic island somewhere in the tropics. The village itself, which was comprised of only about 1500 residents, stood upon the edge of the vast rocky plain that surrounded the volcano and took up most of the island. Some 100 feet to the north of Heeteth, a sliver of tropical jungle separated the rest of the island from the ocean like a ring around the rocky volcanic desert. One hundred miles to the south, at the center of the island, the volcano shoved itself above the rest of the land and was visible from many miles out to sea.

The sun was a cruel form of judgment that day; it brought with it intense heat and slowly baked the air, simultaneously drowning the gathered villagers in stagnant hot air and their own sweat. Finally, Jordan Acuanim exited one of the ashen-colored clay buildings and stood before the crowd. All noise of conversation ceased; the villagers of Heeteth had a respect for their leader that was equal to nothing else, save their respect to their own families. 

Jordan Acuanim cleared his throat. "Thank you all for showing up here today; I am aware the meeting was on short notice. I'll get straight to the point. The volcano has been growing increasingly unstable over the last few months. For all we know, it may have been for the last few years. According to what we know as well as what we've heard from the other villages, we have approximately 2 weeks until it erupts."

The End

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