nixed snippet 001Mature

“I have to tell you something you don’t want to hear, Eden,” Judah was saying; his voice was far away, as if he were talking to her from a great distance – perhaps across time itself.
For a brief moment, she wondered if his voice was nothing but a memory.
She made a noise that was similar to a coo; a simple, meaningless noise that signified that, in some way, she was paying attention to him and knew he needed encouragement to go on.
“They don’t think Pilot is coming home.”
The words, so carefully arranged, caught the entirety of her attention. The unearthly glow of her eyes dimmed as he watched; she watched him without seeing him at all. He witnessed the shift; the switch from a full presence in the reality he lived in to an emptier, quieter, place. He watched the whir and hum of her mind come to a halt behind her eyes.

The End

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