prompt: substanceMature

He was full of substances - a 24-hour one-stop pop-shop.  Everything under the sun and a few things that made him grip your chin between his fingers, hard, near-to-bruising, and say, "Never in the light, do you understand?  Never in the light." 

He was a mystery to you; a riddle you hadn't heard completely but were determined to solve, beyond reason, beyond safety, beyond the creeping chill of foreboding that shivered down your spine every time someone said his name.  You would try anything he offered; you learned that pretty early on and hoped, distantly - with all the devotion an eel gives to the stars, that it wouldn't be your undoing.  Even then you knew it would be.

Still, he always kept you at arms length.  Always seemed to be a step ahead of your intentions, a few moral knotches too high for your seduction.  Not that you even knew what you were doing, not that you understood the power you held over him.  You knew only that his smile robbed you of your senses, whiting out the world with its pearlescent glow.  You knew only the ache of longing that held you in his orbit.  How his eyes could bore into you, hook right into your skeleton and clamp tight, tugging hard every time your eyes met.

It never bothered you how the darkness fell around him like a cowl; how it seemed so natural, so easy, for him to vanish into the night.  You can remember him framed by a halo of fulvid sunlight, though you never once saw it.  You brush off the truth, thinking, It was probably the TV light, then.

It wasn't.

Frightened as you were, at times, by the glint of malevolence in his smile, you could not be dismissed.  You made of yourself a regular occurance in his life, you lingered when others would have been long gone.  You thrived in his atmosphere, caught in his gravity, and you smiled.  No one had ever seen you smile the way he did; you knew nothing of the sway you held over him.

The End

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