what comes from the darknessMature

I'm going to show you what comes from the darkness, but don't be frightened.  

Close your eyes.

That shiver of anticipation prickles the hair on the back of your neck, your heartbeat increases until it's a rhythm reverberating between your eardrums.  

Shadows are no different than beams of light, it's a trick of sight, a trick of your cognitive, curious, skeptical mind.  Nothing more.  

Something about the chill that snakes its way up your arms gives you a sickly disinclination to trust my words.  Uncertainty, like a knife in your throat, keeps you quiet.

The creatures that move in the dark exist within the same perimeters of reality - flesh, bone, sinew, blood, tissue.

There it is, again.  Distrust inching up your spine like a slow rot.

That is, most of them.  Some of them exist outside of such boundaries, I say.

Its breath is hot and moist on your skin.  You open your eyes, certain you'll come face to face with the beast lurking like a secret behind my words; never quite admitted but not once denied.

The End

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