confessions of a recluseMature

My sister-in-law called me to see if we were going out tonight.  For a while, we had a standing date every other Thursday where we went for dinner, but then she got a boyfriend and it tapered off; lately, she's been messaging me Thursday afternoons to see if I feel like going.  Maybe it's unfair but I don't.  I feel so disinclined for human contact sometimes, and I know I should just get out and go do things and I'll have a good time anyway, I just don't want to.

I would rather sit here alone listening to my music and writing.

Or staring at a blank screen, internally berating myself for not writing.

Either way, alone sounds best.

The only person I feel like seeing is my husband.  I don't mind hanging out with my roommates or anything, don't get me wrong - but 99% of the time, you won't catch me lurking in the hallway for the interaction.

The End

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