Rosanna: To Alexis: Asking a Stranger

Rosanna continued to walk, when suddenly, she noticed a figure on the horizon of the weird land. She squinted her eyes, and managed to work out that the figure was a rather tall person. In real life she would never approach strangers, but now, she was lost, confused and somewhat longing for company. Perhaps this person knew where they were, and whether this was a dream or not.

Rosanna began to run towards the person, and as she approached, it turned out to be a guy with spiky black hair. Once she was there, she stopped running, and took a moment to catch her breath. She had never been someone incredibly interested in sport, and although dancing kept her fit, she wasn't used to running like that.

Once her breathing had slowed again, she looked up at the tall guy. "Hey, err, I know this must sound really stupid but.... do you know where we are?" she asked the boy. Part of her hoped that he wouldn't know either, which would make her feel less stupid, but part of her also hoped that he would know so that, obviously, she could find out where she was. In other words, she was prepared to let it go either way. She just hoped he would turn out to be a nice guy, and not try to attack her or anything. "I think it might be a dream or something, but I really don't know."

The End

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