Alexis: Arrival

Alexis gave a deep sigh as he flopped onto his bed, it was friday night and that meant he had the whole weekend to dream away and get inspiration for his stories. After checking that his dream pad was on his bed side table he knocked out his light and rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

The first thing that he noticed was that there was a gentle breeze wafting past him. The chill of the breeze tickled his nose and as he breathed in he smelt the light refreshing smell of grass after a storm. Even though there was that smell around the grass wasn't actually wet. Kneeling up Alexis opened his eyes and looked round, he was in some sort of field thats for sure and there was no end of it as far as he could see. Reaching into his pocket for his glasses which always seemed to come with him in his dreams but as he pulled them out he spotted a folded piece of paper fall out of his pocket. Bending down Alexis picked it up. Unfolding it he found that it seemed to be a very neatly torn piece of paper which had some manner of drawing on it but nothing that he could understand so he simply shrugged, put it back into his pocket, picked a direction and started walking.

The End

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