Rosanna: Arriving in the LoDs

Rosanna fell down backwards onto her bed, utterly exhausted. It had been a long day, with two hours of dance rehearsal and then the two hour dance show. It was now approaching 11pm, and Rosanna could barely keep her eyes open. She was glad that it would still be the weekend tomorrow.

Slowly, she drifted off to sleep. At first, she started dreaming that she was reliving the show, except she'd forgotten the steps. Wait, was that an orange? The audience was throwing fruit at her! She started leaping around, trying to dodge the fruit, before she decided it had to be a dream and pinched herself.

She woke up, but she wasn't in bed. In fact, she didn't know where she was. It seemed to be some sort of field. Squinting in the bright sunlight, Rosanna stood up, and brushed herself. Wait, why wasn't she in her PJs anymore? Somehow, she was in her favorite top, jacket and jeans. And in her jeans pocket.... a random piece of paper?

Rosanna took the scrumpled piece out and smoothed it. It seemed to be part of some sort of map. She could barely make sense of it though. With a confused sigh, she put the part of the map back into her pocket. She'd figure out what it was later. For now, she needed to figure out where she was, and how to get back home.

So, she began to walk.

The End

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