Land of Dreams

When you close your eyes, there's always the chance you'll go to the Land of Dreams. Although it's a land where almost anything is possible, because of the evil Dream Eater, once you get there, it's almost impossible to get out...
Join this story, and see whether you could defeat the Dream Eater.

Land of Dreams

I apologize in advance for all these rules and all this info.

The Land of Dreams is a land that exists beside our own. The only way to get there, as the name suggests, is by dreaming. And the only way to get out is to find and defeat the Dream Eater.

To find the dreaded Dream Eater, you must find all 9 parts of the Map of Dreams. Every new character will start off with one (until, of course, there are more than 9 characters) and then it's up to you to either take those parts off them, team up or whatever. Once you have all 9 parts, you can add the Dream Eater into your chapter.

You can only take a part of the map off another character if you have talked to them, and the person playing the character has added a chapter talking back to you. Or, if someone approaches you and talks to you, you can decide to take the map straightaway. In other words, as soon as another person's posted a chapter talking to you, you can take one part of the map. No more than one at a time.

Once you've obtained the 9 pieces of the map, and you have put the Dream Eater in your chapter, you just have to describe a great battle scene. If you are a team, everyone in that team must add a chapter before you can win. Once that is done, your character and those who helped in battle are free from the Land of Dreams. The 9 pieces of the map will be spread out again, and the Dream Eater will be reborn.

Once you've won, feel free to join again, whether it be with the same or a different character.


  1. No killing off or harming other people's characters without their permission
  2. No mature content or swearing
  3. No magical powers
  4. You can make anything happen, as long as it doesn't harm another person's character or get you a piece of the map against what rule 7 says
  5. No making other people's characters do anything drastic; you can control them a bit to make things flow better, but no making them jump off a cliff
  6. Chapter titles should contain the character's name, who (if anyone) you're interacting or talking with, and a title e.g Bob: to Jim: Having a Chat
  7. Chapters should be written in past tense and third person
  8. No stealing parts of maps without following what it says in the paragraph above
The End

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