5. Dave JohnsonMature

Birds chirped loudly from outside the closed windows of the small, and rather messy-looking room. Clothes were strewn carelessly all over the place, balled up pieces of papers which had been crumpled up and thrown away in frustration lay here and there on the ground. The screen of the laptop set on the mahogany table was blinking, seeking attention. However, the inhabitant of the room was snuggled up underneath the covers, clueless to how much his plans for the day were about to change. 

It was his phone that woke him up. Radiohead came screaming to life, causing Dave to release a loud groan as he blindly reached over towards the source of the blaring music. His hand touched the surface of his phone and peeking his head out from under the blanket, his eyes adjusted to the light as he read the name on the screen: Claudia. 

"Yeah?" He grunted, attending the call.

"How long does it take you to pick up the bloody phone?" She screeched. Rubbing his forehead, Dave sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes. What time was it? "You would think that since my brother - sorry -your best friend got into an accident, you'd be a little less lazy and a little more worried."

"He's been in a coma for two weeks now. And yes, I am worried about him Claudia," he said calmly. "But a man needs to have a healthy sleep cycle."

"It's half past noon you moron."


Frowning, Dave spoke harshly, "What do you want anyways?"

"I called to let you know that Derek is awake. He's out of the coma." 

A chill surged through Dave as his brown eyes widened. His heart pounded faster inside of his chest. Derek was awake? "Oh. That's good to know. When did he get out of the coma?"

"Earlier on this morning. The doctor called us at home and let mum and dad know. We just came back from the hospital." Claudia's voice shook a little as she mumbled, "He doesn't remember anything."

Dave's grip on the phone tightened. "Nothing at all?" 

He had a mental image of Claudia shaking her head as she whispered, "Nothing. I mean the doctor had warned us he might suffer from a mild case of amnesia but they hadn't realized the severity of it until he was conscious. He doesn't know who he is himself, how can we expect him to remember his own family?"

Guilt sluiced over Dave for snapping at Claudia a few minutes ago. Derek had shared a close bond with his sister with whom he only had a two year gap. He shared a bond with her that most siblings did not have the fortune of having. Of course she'd be deeply upset over the fact that her big brother didn't even remember her.

"Hey. It's going to be alright. Over time, his memories will come back," Dave said reassuringly. 

"Yeah...I guess," she sniffed. "Anyways, I wanted to call you and let you know that he's up now." 

"Thanks Claudia." Then, a thought struck him and he quickly asked, "Who else knows about this apart from your family?"

"No one. You're the first person I've told...which reminds me, I should probably call Maddie and let her know as well." 

"No!" Dave jumped. An awkward silence ensued and in a calmer tone, he added, "I'll let her know myself." 

"Okay." Claudia breathed in deeply like she was trying to recompose herself, and her emotions that had run astray for a second there. "I guess I should be going now. Bye Dave."

The line went dead. 

Dave held his phone tightly in his hand as he stared out the window. As relieved as he felt to hear the news that his one and only best friend was back to a good health, he also felt inklings of uncertainty flow into him. 

Derek's awakening would change everything. 


The End

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