2. Derek WilsonMature

Blank wall. Just like his mind. Fear was spreading all the way to his core and it left him paralyzed. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Dr. Jackson left ages ago and he sat there, staring at this stupid white wall!

I need to remember something! Anything! Right… lets think about when I was born… everyone knows that right? So, deep breath and let me remind myself… I was born in… IN… I can’t recall… What about the name then? Surely I must remember my own name… c’mon this is silly… So, my name, obviously, is… For crying out loud, who doesn’t remember their OWN NAME?!

These thoughts echoed in his head, giving him a massive headache. Curling his hand into a fist, he punched a pillow with full force. A muffled voice came from him when he screamed putting his face in a fabric.

Someone free me from this nightmare!

The door opened again and Dr. Jackson appeared. There was a strong look of worry on his face. He smiled at the boy and closed the distance between them.

“I know this must be scary for you… very scary in fact and I cannot even imagine what you are going through….” The doctor stopped talking for a little, not sure what to say. “My name is William, William Jackson. And your name is… Derek.”

Derek. All of a sudden, the image of the hospital room disappeared from his eyes and the boy felt like he was being shown a show of still images with sounds, but some of the images were blurry and some sounds distorted.

“Derek, come home now! I don’t care if you want to stay with your friends!” Some woman was shouting, her face was blurred... The place looking like school. There was some chubby guy shouting a name. His name! Face after face… saying the same word… Derek… Derek… DEREK!

“DEREK!” Dr. Jackson yelled. The boy was shivering, his face was blank. Emotionless. The doctor took him into his arms and started to shake him, trying to make him come back to reality. Derek started to blink rapidly and gave out a small gasp.

“I… I just reminded myself of some things…” He said gasping for air. The doctor looked at him and smiled slowly.

“That is great news! That means that you might get some of your memories back over time!”

“How much time?” Derek asked, eyes lightened up in hope.

“It depends on the person… it can be months, even years I’m afraid. The memories can be triggered by many things, basically any of your senses: smell, touch, hearing can trigger one of your memories. But… you must take it easy, don’t try to hard to remember everything at once.” The doctor patted him on his shoulder trying to give him some comfort. Derek smiled lightly.

Jackson knew that the boy needed some time alone and therefore, he stood up and quickly exited through the white doors. Derek was left by himself with his thoughts. Thinking was hurting him, so he decided to take a walk to try to make himself feel better.

The walls of the corridor were white. While he began his journey to make himself feel a little bit more powerful over his own life, he looked into many rooms. People with white bandages and surprisingly black TV remotes in their hands, tired look on their faces. Derek wanted to get out of here as quick as possible.

One room was different than others though. The door was closed and there was some noise coming from it. As Derek came closer, he could clearly hear someone crying. Even though he was scared, something forced him into opening the door.

In a dim light, there was a girl with chocolate brown hair sitting on the bed, crying. And with a knife in her hand. Aiming at her wrists. 

The End

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