1. Carmen FontezMature

Beep. Beep. Beep.
What was that noise?

A pair of stormy blue eyes opened up, blinking repeatedly to adjust to the unexpected light within the room. A white ceiling...is that what it is? It took her a while to realize where she was...but when she did, panic inevitably followed.

Jerking up on her bed, she looked around frantically, eyes darting over the mundane colors of the room. A hospital? How could she be here? This was not how it should have happened.

Her ECG started to beat wildly and she looked down at herself. Strands of brown hair curled wildly over the sickly blue hospital gown she wore. Her hands were paler than before and almost translucent looking, bluish-green veins showing through vividly like small worms that coated her skin. The only thing she recognized were the multiple cuts that blanketed her arms, but they had had a purpose. And that purpose hadn't been filled.

A nurse entered the room, looking up to glance at the girl with a friendly smile. "Oh! You're awake."

"What am I doing here?" She hissed in response.

The nurse's smile faltered as she frowned slightly. "You were brought here after an accident that had taken place and Dr. Jackson helped save your life. You should be thankful."

Carmen closed her eyes tightly in frustration. If only she really had a life worth saving...

The End

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