Russia (2 days after the escape)Mature


A voice echoed across the room from a speaker. "Desmond Conner, your plane has arrived. All other passengers will board on the next flight."

"What the hell?" "I gotta be in Moscow in..." "Why are they letting..." "Great, just-" "Must be important" "Conn-" "Just a dollar, sir-" "Get that homeless freak out!" "In sight" "Stay down!" "I just wan-" "Stay away fr-" "He has his fold-" "Desmond, your plane."

I held my head in between my hands, they just wouldn't shut up! Do English people ever shut up?! My left hand clung to a folder. Breathing deeply, I walked through the shaky hallway and into the open door of the six engine plane. A flight attendant waited with a bowl of ice cream. The door to the plane closed as I snatched my ice cream up. I scooped some out of the bowl and shoved it in my mouth. That's really good

I smiled, saying "Thank you for ice cream."

The plane turned and started to move. The only other people on board are the flight attendant and a pilot. Even her thoughts are agonizingly loud. The flight attendant asked "Anything else, sir?"

"Get out of plane."

"Have a wonderful flight, sir. Thank you for flying wit-"

"Just go already!"

The flight attendant walked past me and opened an emergency exit. She jumped out of the plane and hit the concrete with a smack. I closed the emergency exit. The plane accelerated and I fell back, dropping my ice cream in front of me. I slid down the isle, clinging onto a seat. The plane went faster and I rolled backwards, facing the front of the plane. A voice came over the speakers.

"Please, buckle up and have a safe trip with Europe Jet."

"That could have..."

The plane screamed, drowning out my cries. The floor tilted up and my hands barely hung onto the seat. Ice cream moved slowly down the isle and into my shirt. The plane tilted back towards the horizontal. I dug into my shirt, tossing the ice cream out. I sighed as a ding filled the air.

"You may now unbuckle your seats. Movies will be playing for the passengers in first class."

"You could have told earlier what happen, stupid English pilot! Aay, yi, yiii!"

I stood up and walked to the front of the plane, hoping for a funny movie in Russian. A message came through the intercom.

"We will be in Moscow in eight hours. Other then that, you will be pleased to know that I have bashed my head against the console several times."

A smirk played across my face. That's what you get for ruining my ice cream, you 'suka! I walked forwards and kicked something. I looked at the ground, seeing my folder. On the front of the folder was written 052. Memories flashed in and out of existence, people dying. My hand reached forwards with a knife towards 15. I stumbled back, reality returning. 15 dissapeared into thin air. I blinked, the flashes stopped. 

15 realized that I couldn't read English, so he read the file to me. I had a hard time understanding his English, but one thing was clear. My parents were some of the scientists that I had killed. If they were buried anywheres... I kicked the folder and searched for more ice cream.

The End

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