Subject 11: Where do I go?Mature

Subject 11

I hit the grass and slowly stood, my power's overdrive dissipating with every second. It felt like ages since I had been outside the confines of the Lab. I looked behind me then forward, I was never coming back to this prison. I hurried to the forest ahead of me. I didn't care about the other subjects, I had to find my past. The smell of pine and oak filled my nose as I took a deep breath. This was my freedom! My eyes caught a glint not too far in the distance and I sprinted to it. I skidded to a halt as I reached a large sparkling aqua lake. I dove in without hesitation, washing the blood from my body. I swam around taking in every sight and sound around me. After a while I swam over to the beach and laid in the soft golden sand. I watched as fluffy white clouds floated by without a care. A twig snapped behind me, instantly I stood, my hands raised and wary for soldiers or scientists. 15 stepped out of the tree line, he was clutching a few manila folders. I eyed him suspiciously. 

"What?" I asked my voice heavily accented. 15 didn't say anything he just held up one of the folders. I took it and examined the cover. In bright red in was stamped 11 along with a pair of cross-hairs like the one tattooed on my shoulder.

"It's the key to your past." 15 said, looking hopeful. I looked from him to the folder, my past. It was all here for me to read. I moved up to the grass and sat. Carefully I opened the folder. Paper-clipped to inside cover was a picture of me, I looked like I was full of life and ready to tackle the world. But then I looked at it more closely. It was a military I.D. photo. I examined the picture and knew instantly as memories flashed into my minds eye. I was a Russian black ops soldier, and assassin for the Government. I looked to the identification paper and found my name. 


With increasing speed I flicked through document after document. Every one detailing a man I had killed. Each one having photos attached of my handy work. It was all coming back to me. I finally reached a thick document that contained what the scientist were trying to do to me. I read the papers, they were trying to enhance my capabilities, allow me to control time and each bullet I fired. They wanted my reflexes, senses, and strength to be the best. The scientists also planned to give me a serum to enhance my technical skills. I shut the folder, my mind reeling from everything that was coming back to me. Where do I go now? I thought. Do I go back to Russia and take up my old life. With my powers now I'd be one hell of an assassin. Or do I take up a new life and start over. I shut my eyes trying to discern what to do, I had no one with me now, I was alone. I picked up the folder and headed deeper into the forest to where I thought civilization would be. I first had to get some clothes and a home before I went anywhere. 

The End

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