15: 15 meet android 15Mature


Several noticeable energy's came from my comrades from above below. Their powers seemed to be going out of control, and so were they destruction ensued with the chaos of gunfire, and now falling debris and the crushing energy, the guards stood no chance against the maelstrom as each of their attacks fails. I sit among the chaos noticing my clones where getting killed quickly, I order them back to my side, which left saved three clones. I hated to admit it but I was spent I couldn't go any further than this One of the doors exploded inwards crashing on the opposing cafeteria wall, the lights went out as a squad of special operatives  swept in shooting at one particular area. I dropped to the floor breathing heavily my clones doing the same. It looked like they also had a limit in energy. I grab one and let his energy seep into my body, I did the same thing with the other two. I Hear Desmond's voice scream in my head, I try to move but fear overcomes my body, I knew I could help him if I had more energy, but even with the slight boost, I couldn't do the simple task of shielding my mind. 

11 jumps down to Desmond's aid killing the last of the special operatives before making towards our exit. I clench my fist in hatred of not doing anything or enough. I bring myself up standing, a daze came over me , and I stumbled forwards, my head began to ring as my vision faded slightly, and turned red. My stomach churned as what little contents spewed from my mouth.

"We've got one surrounded, implementing android 15." I hear a radio go off behind me as a bulky soldier held an assault rifle expertly in both hands and night vision goggles." He  said into a small headset held directly in front of his mouth, " 5 meters from subject no need to bring in the big guns, I will finish him off."  He and shot not even waiting for his commanding officer to give him the order. The bullets pierce my lungs, stomach and legs, I was falling to the ground before I knew it. I coughed up blood. The folders of my comrades past fly up into the air. This is it. I'm done."  I say in my head trying to drench the fire of self loathing of my failure.  I hit the ground hardly feeling the debris that pierces into my back. 

My vision darkens completely, I heard nothing, felt nothing, saw nothing, smelled, or tasted nothing. It was like I was dead  for a moment before a burst of burning light entered the darkness. The world came back vividly,an incredible amount of energy ran through my body, my evolution sped up, my eyes changed I could see energy, as well as heat, and the inner workings of living things.  I Bright white energy swirled around me violently it was strong, it was compacting the ground beneath me, and sliced my surroundings. The soldier stumbled backwards in fear. My bullet wounds heal and push out the red hot metal out of my body. I take a step forwards, and direct my hatred to the soldier the energy turned into a spike and impaled him through the heart. Blood bursted from his mouth splattering the wall behind him. Was this  what telekinesis is? Or is the capability to control energy?  I couldn't think about as my head burned with hatred, and strength. My powers were driven to overdrive, this wasn't my energy was it was my life energy, each moment I was wasting year of life, and I do not know how to stop it.

Something speedily hits the ground behind me making a shock-wave which would of normally caught me off balance but instead the ground stood still as it passed. Dust filled the room but there was no mistaking the red eyes that gazed at me with no life signs behind them just cold metal and pathways of electricity that only my eyes could see. A robot?  It shot forwards with incredible speed I matched the pace and caught a metal fist with a titanium alloyed blade onto of it heated and made more dangerous with the electricity that ran through it. Two red eyes came face to face with my own revealing a somewhat human face but literally armed to the teeth as a canon revealed itself in its mouth. 

I jump  and bring my knee to its jaw, sending it up before kicking its side sending the android across the room hitting the 3 meter thick concrete and making quite the impact. Bullets and flames shot out from the machine which I dodge just barely singing my right side of my body which heals quickly but still leaves the pain behind. I create clones and assault the the android head on a few are shot down imidieatly while the a few others manage to get a few heavy punches on him sending him through the three meters of concrete. ten of us land on the ground, waiting for the android to  shoot out of the dust and debris for its next attack. Instead the android goes covert and takes out three of my clones from a hidden position.  The remaining seven of us split up in search of our  opponent.

We were tricked as the remaining clones are taken out by stationary turrets set by the android. I quickly dart for a spot to avoid the hurricane of bullets. The android having the opening came from above and punched me repeatedly with his electrified blades filling my body full of holes that only healed again. Still the pain made me scream out.  The android stops as a multitude of weapons are revealed in every spare cavity of the robot, all of them pointing at me.  The machinery whines inside of it as it powers op the one protruding from its mouth.  A ball of red appears in it. An energy typed weapon? I asked myself in my head. 

 I couldn't let this thing, kill me but its arms held me done from resisting, however that didn't stop the use of manipulating the energy around me. I intensify the energy and direct it at the robots chest and let the rest happens as explosion sends the android through the roof, my eyes return to a normal sight and even then the energy is slightly visible as made audible by the popping of the air. The overdrive of my power dies down but I was left with enough energy to escape the facility.


The End

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