42: DevelopmentMature

42 sat behind an upturned table while 14 ran off, keeping out of the fray. She didn't have any powers so she couldn't exactly do anything. Suddenly, two rough arms closed around her. The table was kicked out of the way and looked up to the sight of a man with a large gun. "And now you die." he said, pointing it directly at her face. But 42 couldn't die. She couldn't. This plan couldn't have been for nothing. When she finally thought that they had a chance.

With a sudden fury she didn't know she had, she blasted them away. She looked at their still forms in surprise. What had happened? Did she have telekinesis? One of them got up and started shooting. She felt a sudden pain in her shoulder. Outraged, she raised her hand. A translucent ball came barreling toward him and sent him flying. He hit a wall and crumpled on the ground. Force fields? She thought. She shield herself and began to shoot anyone within rage. She wasn't in control anymore. She turned the balls into daggers and shot the scientists. She could here the sound of bullets bouncing of the force field. She was in a mad frenzy, shooting, mauling, killing...

She heard the sound of shattering glass, and followed the noise. She saw the broken window and vaulted out. She hit the ground hard and the force field faded out of existence. She got up and laughed gleefully. She was finally free.

He watched her through the trees. I'll come back for you, he thought. He turned around and walked away.

The End

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