Lives SpentMature

The cafeteria became quiet, only the shell casings still broke the quiet as they tapped the tables. A light dangled from a wire, turning on and off. The light fell, shattering on a table. Light reflected on pools of blood, the few still alive were breathing soundlessly on the floor. 

I stood up, nodding to the others that were still here. They took of through the window. I took a deep breath and waited for Savanna. If we were going to stay free, they had to die. I shut my eyes and the lights shut of in the cafeteria. My eyes opened and I crouched behind an overturned table. They're almost here.

The door to the cafeteria exploded inwards and a handful of grenades flew through. Light flashed across the room, along with sound bouncing of every wall. I shut my eyes, blinded and tried to find one of them. My mind jumped into on of their heads, filling my eyes with new vision. He momentarily struggled. I raised his gun and started shooting his squad. Shock ran across his body as he dropped to the floor. I took over a few more bodies until the until squad went down. One more man walked into the room. My head throbbed as I tried to enter his mind. He walked calmly to my hiding spot and grabbed me by the neck, raising me to his height. He had a mask on, along with full body armour. He asked"where are the others?" 

"I no understand!"

He smashed me to a table and stabbed a knife into my arm. I coughed and screamed "I no understand! I Russian!" The knife slid out of my arm.

He raised his fist, smashing my face over and over, exposing the number 02 on his knuckle. Bullets pinged of 02s armour. 02 turned and stumbled back as 11 kicked him in the face. The man drew a pistol and was raising it. 11 kicked the gun out of his hand. The man tackled 11 to the ground, raising his knife. 11 kicked him in the stomach and punched him in the throat. 11 rolled back and stood up, kicking the knife out of 02s hand. 11 caught the knife and stabbed it into 02s throat, barely piercing the armour. 02 gurgled and fell to the ground. 11 looked at me and asked in Russian "you okay?"

"Yes, thank you. How did you know?"

"You scream loud, mentally. Don't thank me until we're out".

He extended his hand. I grabbed it as he pulled me of the table.

The End

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