Haruto Romano: Freedom!Mature

I was in a corner, scared for my life. I didn't want to die and I didn't want anybody to die. I couldn't stop my mind reading. I couldn't. I started crying. I hate crying but I had no control. I heard many nasty things like "Die, you freaks!" and "Those demons deserve to die!". I didn't want to read minds anymore. It was horrible, plus I had no control over it and all of a sudden I felt sudden pain in my leg. "AHHHHH!" I screamed for the pain was unbearable. I cried so much and that was when I went into overdrive. I was angry. I picked up every table, chair, plant or whatever could be thrown and I pelted that one guard with all of those things.

"You want to shoot me? Go ahead shoot me. You will just end up like this man." all of the guard started shooting but I already knew. I heard what they were thinking, "Shoot!". That was what they were all thinking. I smiled a creepy smile. I instantly grabbed all the tables and chairs and stuff and one by one killed all those guards. Their blood covering me and the cafeteria. When there were no more, I followed 11 to the next level. For me I was never a jumper but with the telekinesis, It helped me jump. The wound from my leg didn't help that much and it hurt so much when I jumped. But I made it and I jumped right after 11. I had jumped through the window and out into freedom!

The fresh air was wonderful. Flashbacks were coming to me instantly. I knew this place. I had lived here for 13 years and I was born here. I wasn't in the cooped up lab anymore. I was free and I was not a lab rat anymore.

The End

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