Subject 11: No ControlMature

I enjoyed the chaos that had erupted in the cafeteria. Body's being tossed and mangled, blood splashing everywhere, screams filling the air...I was livid with excitement over everything. Two guards at my left jumped a table. I paused time, taking in everything. A few of the subjects had been downed although most were still up and fighting. I reached my bloody hand into my pocket and pulled out two of the bullets. I bounced them in my palm as time began to increasingly speed back to normal. As time returned the guards raised their M4 rifles and shouted. 

"Get on the ground! GET ON THE GROUND OR WE WILL SHOOT!" Grinning I thew the bullets into the air and with the flick of my fingers the bullets thundered through the air and tore through the guard's skulls. I ran at another guard to my right, sprung into the air, and slammed another bullet through his chest before landing back on the ground. I turned and saw 14 jump to the next level. I hurried to follow and jumped from the floor to the next level, craving the next kill. Time to repay them for everything they had done to me. 14 caught a quick glimpse of me and motioned to follow her higher to the top level. We hurried higher and higher as my tension and excitement grew. As we reached the top level I saw the window, I spun a bullet at supersonic speeds towards it. The bullet just lodged into the glass. I growled loudly, I want the hell out of this place! A gunshot crackled through the air. I felt something strike me in the right shoulder.

I looked up surprised, I felt my blood seep across my chest as pain crashed into my body. I spun around on the man who had shot me. It was the guard, the one who had promised he'd get me back for killing the scientists. I kicked his rifle from his arms and caught it with lightning speed. The man began to plead for his life, telling me about his wife and kids but I didn't care. I couldn't care. My powers seemed to slam into over drive as I fired the rifle at the man, time slowed so I could intimately watch the shots. One entered into his left lung, another struck his chest and heart. I watched him fall slowly backwards, blood spewing from his wounds. Again time was normal as I crouched next to him. I felt power pulsate through my body as I wasn't in control. I was in a caustic rage that I could only watch. 

I turned back to window and jumped at it, pushing all my strength at the glass. It was a beautiful sight as the window shattered into tiny crystal fragments, sparkling in the sunlight. I grabbed hold of the broken edge feeling little pain as the glass dug deep into my skin. This was everything I had ever wanted. FREEDOM!

The End

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