Subject 14: unleashing powerMature

Subject 14 (Kishto)

I make sure fifteen was on his feet against the wall before darting into the cafeteria to join the fight. Inside the cafeteria, havoc reigned. The few guards were desperately trying to fire their M4, they wanted to aim at the rebelling subjects but it was difficult because the scientists were scrambling in fear. Thus making it hard to have a clear aim at the subjects to sodomize them. The only things the guards could do was physical fight, that was, whack the weapon on the various subjects head. The rest of the subjects were either running and hiding in confusion or joining the fight as well, many sought the scientists whom they had seen after the operation (they had the idea that they had done something to them and seek revenge). The scientists ran for cover, they had no weapons with them, they pleaded mercy before falling into the mob of choleric subjects.

I shun out the chaos and confusion out of my mind and set it to the most important goal: escape. Just in front of me, a guard was batting its M4 on a defenseless subject, I thrust my hands forward causing the air molecules surrounding the M4 move faster, creating friction between the molecules and finally the friction caused a spark. It was like making fire out of air, the spark ignited a flame that enveloped the guard. I helped the subject stand up.I felt light-headed after my first use of molecular manipulation, breath seem to falter, my heart was beating hard in my chest.

"Fourteen!" subject 42 had approach me, "I took care of the entrances, they are well shut. We got some minutes before reinforcement comes along."

I nodded, "Let's go to the upper levels, we need to get that window open." I ran to the upper levels of the hanging floors, some scientists had committed suicide by jumping off the hanging floors into the main floor, some chose suicide rather than being torture on behalf of the madden subjects. The guards had made it imperial to kill the subjects, gunshots erupted from their automatic weapons and it was aimed directly at the subjects. The firing would not cease, they would kill regardless of who was in the way. I darted bullet after bullet, we were so close to liberty.

I jumped from hanging floor to hanging floor, all of them were shaking, the suspension cables were weakening and they were swinging from the roof. Screams were continuous and increasing in volume. When I reach the upper level, only the window separated us from freedom. That was when the alarm blasted to life. I placed my hand upon the windowpane, it sure was a thick window. I knocked on it, it was bulletproof too, to lock whatever it was beyond these walls to keep it inside. The upper levels highly contrasted what was going on below me. The upper level was quite calm, with little scientists and subjects. The subjects who had made it so far were banging, scratching, hitting, striking the windowpane, a futile effort because the window seem unbreakable.

I heard a shot from my left, pain shot through my arm, I heard myself screaming in agony. I fell on my knees, blood was trickling from the wound inflicted by a fire weapon on my left arm. I turn to see the shooter, it was a guard, he was laying on the ground with shaky hand grasping the gun. He too was bleeding from his leg, apparently he had been in a mortal fight with another subject and was just barely alive. My mind was slowly taking in my surroundings, my thoughts slipping from my mind, beyond reasoning.

I was lost in this power, lost in this spell. I closed my eyes and the moment I opened them they weren't green anymore, but shining white. I breath with difficulty, preventing my life breath from leaving my body. My teeth gritted from the anger, the guard was frightened to see who I had become, his fire weapon fell to the floor. I was enraged, blood drops from my wound were being soaked by the clothes every subject had been provided. Without thinking, I outstretch my right hand, with a swift and simple movement of my wrist I lifted the guard and send him flying toward the abyss of confusion down below. He guard fell, his screams were drowned by the turmoil in which he had fallen.

I was not under control anymore, my heart beat faster and it ached every second, but I did not pay any attention to it. My powers, and not my mind, were in control of my whole body, they were feeding from my anger. Consciousness was slipping away, I was at the mercy of the wrath of my powers.

The End

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