fifteen: Escape begins in 3....2....Mature


Desmond finds a tape of his past and begins playing it instantly as fourteen and I quickly flip through the files and disorganized papers. I find files for everybody elses past but not my own.

"Have you found anything?" I ask looking at fourteen.

"Yes." She says without making eye contract while looking at something.  I decide not to bother her further and search a bit more for my past but find dead subjects, and a bunch of administrative stuff. I look at the time of the clock.

"We need to get going now." My voice slightly strident.  I grab the others files which may or may not contain a perfectly believable past, but at least its got something which can mean a lot to people who at the moment do not hold a past. I put it under my arm as the Desmond and fourteen get up.

"Lets go." I say not letting them respond as I open the door and leave for the cafeteria.

A few minutes later under the directions of Fourteen we make it outside the cafeteria door. The place didn't look heavily guarded, but I know for a fact that there could be more then just guards. Perhaps hidden turrets, and other secret defence mechanism, so we had to act quickly before they could react.

"Alright I know this is sort of a deviation from our original plan but, I'm going to create as many clones as i possibly can and overwhelm the guards, and hopefully the others will stick to their part of the plan. I'm not sure Fourteen or Desmond appreciated my idea but if they where going to say anything it was to late a crowd of guards could be heard from around the corner. I close my eyes and concentrate on my goal to create clones, and lots of them.  Moments later I could feel the burn and drain of energy as I create 20 clones. My eyes open violently and I hit t ground breathing hard. In my head I tell the clones to begin with the guard sitting on the other side of the door, and quickly dispose of the three that stood guard of the first level. With only a couple clones I tell them to ambush the group of guards that were coming around corner and take their weapons once disposed of them, then head to the cafeteria.

With the violent bang hitting a lardy guard with an M4 our escape began. Desmond took off into the conflict as fourteen tried to get me off the ground. Gunshots rang out as other violent sounds of blood and fists emanated from the cafeteria.

"Don't worry go on ahead. I'll catch up." I tell her. she leans me up against the wall before taking off into the cafeteria which rung out in alarm. well from my calculations and light guesses we had about five minutes to reach the window before being surrounded by armed forces and maybe 15  minutes to escape the facility with reasonable chances of not being recaptured.  I hold my stomach in pain as my breathing begins to level out. I close my eyes and I can see one of my clones perspective of the the world a semi automatic turret was raining down on the others who had dived for cover as two other clones uselessly flung themselves at thing getting killed instantly there body hit the floor and bled before the energy dissipated out of them causing them to look like mush. I take control of this clone of myself and make it grab a nearby table and throw it at the thing. The turret take the bait and shot at the table as another clone came from the other side of it and ripped it off the wall.

I open my eyes, more pain shot through my body, but this time I ignored it and stood. I take a second to breath before walking into the chaos.


The End

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