The psychologist played the image. 52 overlayed over some peoples faces, including everyone in the building. The psychologist whispered "Conner, this is it. Whenever you see this, you will kill. You understand me, correct?" I shook in my seat. My head throbbed and I strained with all of my might to get into his head. The psychologist tripped and yelled. He got back up and pleasently stated "now, now Conner. I wasn't on any of the images. You don't get to kill me."

My mind flickered to the man controlling the cameras. I moved his hand to shut them of. He then walked through a door, locked it and started walking.

I whispered "poluchil v ad". The psychologist asked "sorry, Conner?" A guard walked into the room and took out a knife, closing the door behind him. The psychologist put his hands up and pleaded "Conner, please." The guard tackled the psychologist to the floor and stabbed him in the chest over and over. Blood caked the wall. The guard stood up and unlocked my handcuffs. He then proceeded to ram his head into the wall. I stood up, tearing my eyes away from the screen. I fell to the ground and tried to move. What did they put in me? 

The End

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