Subject 11: Ready to KillMature

I watched as 14, 15, and Desmond headed off into adjacent office. Where are they going?  I thought to myself.

"Get moving!" Dr. Stevens yelled smashing his clipboard into the back of my head. I growled but continued walking, following the others to the cafeteria. 42, Haruto, Dotty, and I slowly made our way through a few more maze-like hallways and reached our destination. When the doors open I marveled at the rooms architecture. The cafeteria was one giant open space heavily lit, as if to chase away all the rooms shadows. As we walked over to the cooks, I looked around the room double checking its security. Only one guard stood at each entrance, only carrying a M4 assault rifle. I retrieved my food and sat at my respective table, the others followed suit. Inside the room there seemed to be many floors suspended in the air by cables.

I gazed at the levels above me. If escape was up there, I wanted to do everything in my power to reach that window. I as I slowly nibbled on my sorry excuse for food , I remembered 14, 15, and Desmond. Where had they gone off to? If we were supposed to escape we had to do it now or never! I turned my glance to the others, who sat quietly eating. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard, Time slowed to a stop. I got up leaving everything in it's place. I walked over to one of the guards and looked at his rifle. The weapon took a 5.56 NATO round and could be put on single shot, burst fire, and automatic. Carefully I removed an extra magazine from the guards jacket and took a few of the bullets. After pocketing them, I placed the magazine back on the guard and walked back over to my table. Time returned to normal, no one seemed to have noticed what I had done. With my ability to manipulate objects, I could fire these bullets as if they were in a gun.  I grinned and looked to the Scientist walking around the cafeteria.

"Вскоре вы будете знать, повреждения вы трудились. Я надеюсь, что когда я убью тебя, вам понравится ад!"(Soon you will know the damage you have wrought. I hope when I kill you, you enjoy hell!). 

"Silence! I have plans for you 11, after you killed my men!" The scientist yelled at me and returned to patrolling around the room. I looked to the cafeteria's entrance. Hurry 14, 15, and Desmond, I'm ready to kill!

The End

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