Subject 14:ActionMature

Subject 14 (Kishto)

The day was here, today we will seek liberty. They had been planning the whole night, huddled in a circle and whispering. The flaws the original plan we had have been mended and everybody knew what to do. My eidetic memory had been sharpened by the serum and I could clearly remember the shifts of each scientist assigned in the cafeteria and who's turn was it to escort them, I also learned the labyrinthine passages by heart. Our escape could only be through the windows in the upper part of the wall from the cafeteria, it was only a glass panel (cannot prove the thickness) but we could break through.

The cafeteria was an open space and heavily lighted for the conveniences of our captors. It was not powerfully guarded , only one guard in each entrance. Inside the cafeteria there were several "levels" or "floors" of circular shape, the size was a radius of 4 meters,  suspended in the air by tension cables (like hanging balconies). That was the place scientists sit to eat while their experiments sat at floor level. The plan was jump and ascend to each of the levels and finally make it to the top part where the glass was located, break it, and finally escape from the facility.

Desmond had shape-shifted into one of the doctors of the morning shift (dark hair) and hidden in the shadows. In any second the two scientist who would escort them will enter. There was a knock on the other side warning them of their arrival, the locks of the metal door were opening, and two scientists appeared. Subject 11 who was hidden in the darkness had rapidly and quietly took hold of the dark hair scientist, Dr. Taylor, imperceptible by his white-coat companion. 11 had make Dr. Taylor unconscious and hid him in the shadow. Desmond as Dr. Taylor appear.

"Wake up!" the other scientist bellowed to us. "It is time for breakfast!"

We arose and walk out of the room in line, Desmond was recording our numbers. "We are missing number 52," Desmond said, role-playing Dr. Taylor.

"Maybe he was taken to be re-programmed," the other scientist suggested, "I heard some scientists say the kid was causing them troubles."

Desmond grinned in spite of himself. He had finished writing our numbers and walked behind us. The way to the cafeteria had been a long one, through many corridors, hallways, and passages that might have confused somebody else (even the scientists themselves), but not me. Meanwhile we were walking to the cafeteria when I spotted a corridor to my left, I remembered the room I was taken after the operation. Adjacent to that room was an office room, I had seen some scientists get some folders out of that room the moment the wound on the flesh of my heart was being diagnosed. After the scientists read the report they had brought, something concerning my heart was suddenly clear to them.

I reach for 15's hand, who was walking in front of me, and pulled him to a stop. Desmond who was behind me also stopped, confusion in his face.

"What is wrong, 14?" fifteen asked me. Desmond had stepped closer to hear us better.

"Let's go over there, I know an office..." I said, not taking my eyes from the passage.

"We have an escape to execute," 15 said, "we cannot risk losing ourselves in this facility."

"We will get our past back." I said resolutely. "We won't get lost, I know the way." I gave him my usual passive smile.  

15 seem to hesitate, he was weighing the possibility of getting out successfully and retrieving our past from this frivolous place.

42 who was walking in front of 15 suddenly turned her head, "hey, get moving," she whispered, "we are close to the cafeteria."

15 had settled his reverie, "Tell the others we will be absent for some minutes. 14, Desmond, and myself are going to get something really helpful."

42 was unsure of our doings, but nodded.

"Desmond, tell that scientist you have to take us for a gastric and cholesterol diagnosis," I whispered into Desmond ears.

"Hey, Dr. Stevens," Desmond called. Dr. Stevens turn around, so as the rest of our comrades in this escape mission. "I have to take these two for a gastric and cholesterol diagnosis, I will join you shortly."

Dr. Stevens arched his eyebrows at the word "cholesterol" and eyed 15's and my skinny, poorly fed bodies, then gave Desmond a reluctant thumbs-up and walked the queue toward the cafeteria.

I led the way toward that office which contained our pasts.


The End

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