42: PessimisticMature

42 lay down but couldn't sleep. She was thinking about Dr. Samuel and how he had betrayed her. After everything he had said and done! She had trusted him and had thought of him as the father she never remembered. All along he was really one of them. He probably never liked her in the first place. He was probably put there to gain her trust, make her less rebellious. It had worked.

She was also thinking about tomorrow.  She had helped in many planned escapes when she was first brought here but they all ended badly. After Dr. Samuel appeared, she had stopped helping and given up. It was so much easier that way. Let the others go and massacre themselves. But this time something was different. Some of them had powers, and unfortunately this caused a tiny glimmer of hope to rise up inside of her, no matter how hard she tried to extinguish it. She rolled over and rubbed the sore spot on her head. Most of these people had just been brought there.  Could a couple of kids really take on an entire institution?

The End

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