Subject 11: Into the UnknownMature

I looked down at Haruto, as he sobbed into my side. I patted him on the back trying to comfort him. As far as I could remember I had no experience with kids. 

"11...we can make an alliance. Just us two...for know?"  He whispered to me. I mulled the thought over. He was just a kid, what harm could he do. No, I shook my head. This was no ordinary kid, he could read minds. 

"Haruto...I-i'm not sure...maybe for now." I felt myself a bit relieved to actually have an ally, if only a temporary one. I looked up to see the others. They were all still in the corner, communicating in hushed whispers. 

"We're never going to get out of here are we?" Haruto whimpered. I heard footsteps in front of us.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." I looked up to see 15, a glint in his eye. "Come on, I have an idea." Haruto stood up and followed after 15. When he reached the group he turned, noticing I was still sitting in the far corner. He waved his hand motioning me to come. I shook my head, they wouldn't gain my trust so easily. I shook my head and curled up in the corner finally letting sleep take over. 

The End

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