Haruto Romano: Gaining Trust...Mature

I have no idea what 11 was saying but I had a feeling he was going to be useful if I become friends with him. I already know he was strong and fast....unless he could bend time. Well I know I can read minds but someone in here is blocking peoples minds. I can't read them.

"11...um, you did great!" I said nervously looking at the floor.

"N-no, It was nothin."

"Why are the doctors keeping us here, I want out of here." I start crying. 11 comforts me.

"There, there."

I was slowly gaining trust. I don't cry that easily, I just wanted out. I know Desmond is younger than me, but I can't control my feeling. At least not at this time, everything is slowly falling into place but it's breaking up at the same time.

"11...we can make an alliance. Just us two...for know?"  I whisper softly to him so no one could hear.

"Haruto...I-i'm not sure...maybe for now."


The End

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