Subject 11: Distrust and AngerMature

I looked at Subject 15, at least he was up front about this place. I was finally starting to get some answers. They threw another Subject into the room. He glared at all of us taking a place in a far corner as it's lights went out. The newest subject to enter the room looked very young, no older than ten. 15 looked at him.

"I'm 1-" 

"I know I know, 15. No, I'm not reading your mind." The young boys voice growled in english, but his Russian accent caught my attention. I looked at him, knowing he had to be the kid, Desmond. One of the subjects, a female, with dots on her eyelids motioned for me to join the group that had gathered in the rooms far right corner. I just moved further back in the corner till my back was against the wall. I was wary of the others; Desmond, 42, 15, Haruto, and the woman with dots on her eyes. I wanted to trust them but something made me think otherwise. For now I'd bide my time. I twitched as 15 whispered under his breath, pulling me out of my thoughts. 

"So, you're 52." I looked away from Desmond, instead staring at the stained tile flooring. I shivered slightly, remembering I only had on a pair of thin  striped cotton pants. I pulled my legs against my chest, and wrapped my around my legs. The others except  52 were quietly whispering together, they may have been far away but I could hear them as if they were speaking right next to me. 

"What are you suggesting?"Haruto asked suspiciously. 15 looked at the camera on the ceiling then back to the group.

"Do you want to spend eternity as a Lab Rat?!" he hissed. The others looked away. They all wanted to leave. Suddenly the doors to the room opened. Two doctors entered followed by the nurse I had seen when I had woken up. The others eyed them all with suspicion. 

"11, nice to see you again." She put on a fake smile. The three stopped about 8 feet away from me. 

"Мисс. (Ma' am.)" I replied dryly, still sitting curled up in my corner. 52's eyes narrowed at my Russian along with the other subjects. She crossed her arms. 

"11, we can do this with or without your cooperation." She took a step. I glared at her. A flicker of excitement flashed across her face as she noticed the change in my eye color. "So your serum is working. Good." She took another step. I grew angered, there was no way I was going to let them stab me again.  

"Оставьте меня в покое! (Leave me alone!)" I growled warningly. One the doctors to her left raised the needle. Without warning it flew from his hand landing in his neck, right where I had wanted it. The man clutched at his throat and fell. The female doctor sighed and nodded to the other doctor. He reached for a radio on his belt. I focused on it, grinning when it exploded, sending shrapnel all over the man's left side. The woman began to approach me. Again time slowed and I was behind her in a matter of seconds. I grabbed her with an arm around her neck. Time shifted back to normal and she gasped.

"Now you listen!" I snarled in heavily Russian accented English. "Try to come near me again and I shall have no issue with killing you like I did your two friends! До свидания. (Good bye.)" I jerked her neck violently knocking her unconscious. I silently returned to my corner and set my head against the wall. A group of armed guards quickly entered the room retrieving the three scientists. 

"You'll regret this 11!" One shouted as they exited. I smirked. 

"Никогда (Never)." I replied coldly, closing my eyes. 

The End

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