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After the semi fight where I may have potentially lost, but I couldn't work up the resolve to actually hit the kid, still the kid irritated me, and I was damn sure he was working for the scientist's he could read my damn mind as well as I don't want to hurt the brat, it was perfect. Still he squeaked a word, I swear I will, i'lll. Damn! Do what? In frustration I shovel more food into my mouth. Thinking of several good ways to take down the armed guard behind me holding the assault rifle. I wouldn't do it, I needed to plan this out. I needed to know my way around this place like the back of my hand.

"Alright, fifteen. Meal time is over." The guard grunted grabbing my hands and cuffing them. I guess I also needed to gain the trust of these guys too.  Still I will have lots of time to think this over on my way back and in the room if that kid leaves my head alone.

"So whats your name?" I strike up a conversation with the guard.

"Phill." He grunts in a unfriendly manner. Great a getting this guards trust is going be hard.

"Hard day?" I continue.

"Sorta, why do you care?" He says without snorting.

"Well I'm trying to interact with people socially. The whitecoats aren't interested in talking about average human matters whatever they might be." I say trying to seem not very knowledgeable.

"Well I don't see the harm in it so why not. I used to be on the surface you see then suddenly I got my butt busted down to here having to take orders from the whitecoats . Which in my opinion dull and quite annoying, among other things."

From the way he spoke I could tell he wasn't an ordinary guard he is a soldier, and from a bit of logical reasoning I guess he was quite skilled in his job. Good thing I reserved my impulse to beat him up.

"I see, so you must resent his job here."

"Yeah, you got that one right." He slightly grunted. Afterwards we both remained silent till we got to the monitoring room," Here is your room fifteen."

"Thanks Phill, its been nice getting to know you, I hope to see your very soon." I say cheerfully,as he opened the door and I stepped through after he took my cuffs off.

"Perhaps." he grunted. Before closing the door. I had a feeling with a few more times like that I could make him a friend of sorts and use him later to get me out of here, if I learn how to control ones mind.

"Oh you're back." Haruto says.

"Yes I'm back, and man do I feel good. The food isn't half bad ya know. Well then again its my first meal how should I know what food tastes like?"

"Hell if I know." The boy says. That's when I realize others are in the room. I could tell which subjects they where by there marks on their body subject 11, 14 and 42.  I wonder what they are capable of and if they are trustworthy and who isn't.

"I guess you told them about before you blacked out before, huh?" I say taking notes of how the looked at me. Haruto didn't respond, but I didn't care, as I made my way to the top right corner of the room which I decided to call my corn and make myself comfortable.

"Well if Haruto hasn't told you what happened and what he knows of me I will tell you everything I'm willing to say." I say to them not caring what they thought, I needed to figure out who I could trust and get them on my side so I mind as well say what kind of person I am, and what I know of this place, my abilities.

"As far as I know my name is fifteen. as for my age I know not, I have only been this room for a few hours and more if I count how many  hours I spent unconscious. I was the first one to be put here, which probably means nothing to you but I don't care. This here is my corner this is where I will sleep and this is where I will put MY things if I ever get any THINGS. As for this place, I know its protected by a skilled military force, and that the scientist care very little for you and unless you show promise. As for my abilities. I have telepathy, I will apparently gain the skill to self replicate as well as quickly regenerating any wounds, and perhaps some control over elements. more importantly I am able to evolve through any situation or problem but judging by how the white coats generalized the word serum I propose that everyone is able to quickly evolve. However there is a price to pay for each time you activate your abilities. severe pain and a drain of energy. So for the time being I would recommend to use it sparingly. As for the incident before I left for a meal. I lost my temper on that brat here ,however I cannot bring myself to hit him, also as much as this may sound like big excuse I assure you that after you using your power you become irritable, and somewhat out of control. Anyways I believe I'm a nice guy, smart, and get easily determined on an important goal. And that's that." I finish up and turn away from the others looking at the wall.

"What is this important goal you speak of." One asks. I instantly block my mind from Haruto's attempt at reading it, this time I knew he was capable of reading my mind, like a book, so I will make a countermeasure and use my telepathy to create a mental wall.

"I don't have one I just know i get focused on one thing."

"Are you focused on something right now?"

"No." Then i turn around and shield the one I was talking to's head with telepathy , and lower my voice so only the person who was talking to me could here, " However I don't want to be here forever."

The End

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