Subject 11: Meeting Haruto RomanoMature

My eyes flashed open as life rushed back into my body. I starred at the ceiling covered with humming florescent lights, trying to figure out where I was. The room and table that I was restrained on were icy cold, which felt oddly comforting. Around the room sat carts covered in monitoring equipment and computers. The walls were covered in blood stained tiles, adding to the ominous look. 

"Ah, your awake." I looked groggily towards the voice. A tall skinny figure appeared and focused into a young woman in a bloody lab coat. She walked up to the side of the table I was restrained on. She quickly glanced at a clipboard next to the table then returned he gaze to me.

"Welcome back to the world Subject 11. Your one of the few male subjects to survive. For the past week, we didn't think you were going to make it." Her warm blue eyes sparkled as she looked at me. 

"Кто ты и где я? (Who are you and where am I?)" I asked realising that we spoke different languages. The woman pulled her blonde hair out of her face and undid the restraints on  my hands, leaving the chain around my ankle. I sat up rubbing my wrists.

"I'm sorry 11, but I don't understand Russian. That's ok." She smiled.  "One of our younger test subject does, Desmond. Hopefully you'll get to meet him. For now though we shall monitor you. Hopefully after the serum worked and your proposed abilities shall show soon."

"Что ты говоришь? (What are you talking about?)" I yelled after her as she turned to the door and walked out quietly.  I sat on the table  pondering what had just happened. 'So I'm subject 11 and I'm Russian'. I thought gathering together what I knew. 'I'm a test subject who will develop...abilities and there's someone else in here like me." I looked to where the clip board the doctor had picked up and discovered a mirror sitting next to it. I picked it up and stared at my reflection.

"Так что это, как я выгляжу. (So this is how I look.)" I commented. I had chocolaty amber eyes that glared coldly back. My jet black hair was shaved in a military high and tight style. I set the mirror down and looked at my body. My arms had tattoos of snakes, a skull, and lettering in Russian. There was also a cross-hair with the number 11 tattooed in red at its center tattooed on my shoulder. Who was I in my past life?

The door burst open and a different doctor, wearing a mask, looked at me. I immediately noticed the syringe in his right hand. The man brought the needle up hastily towards my throat. Time seemed to slow as I dodged the needle and twisted his wrist till I heard a sickening 'crack'. Time returned to normal and the man fell to the ground screaming in agony. I regarded the man with annoyance, how dare he? The door swung open again distracting me from the injured doctor on the floor. I felt the sharp jab in my thigh as the needle sunk into my flesh. I looked down at the man, he was smiling. The world faltered and I fell to the ground. Everything went black as a group of doctors surrounded me. 

"Hey wake up!" A voice echoed loudly in my ear. I snapped awake and jumped to my feet. My eyes flicked around, rapidly evaluating the situation. "Hey chill out." The voice said softly, trying to calm me down. My eyes instantly flicked to a boy sitting on the opposing wall of the almost empty room.

"А вы кто? (And you are?)" I asked thrown off guard by the boy. He looked about 13 or 14 years old and had very odd colored eyes.  The boy cocked his head. He didn't understand Russian either. This wasn't Desmond. 

"" I asked in heavily accented english. The boys eyes lit up at the recognition of what I was saying. 

"I'm Haruto, nice to meet you. You are?" I looked to the cross-hairs tattoo on my shoulder and pointed to the number that sat in the middle. He squinted and then nodded. "You're subject 11." I nodded. Haruto's smiling face all of a sudden turned to fear, almost horror. 

"Your...eyes..." he stuttered, frightened. I gave him a confused look. He pointed to a reflective window. I looked at it and gasped when I saw my reflection. My eyes were shifting through all colors in the spectrum, finally settling on a deep crimson, bloody in appearance.

The End

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